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The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet by Laura Perdew (Signed Copy)

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How did Earth form? Why is there life here? Why is water so important? In The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet, kids ages 5 to 8 explore their own planet and its place in the solar system, as narrated by Universe with help from a couple of funny aliens! Compelling explanations of complex science topics and a hands-on science project make this book a must-have.

A nonfiction picture book for ages 5 to 8 that explores the place we all call home—planet Earth! Learn how Earth was made, why there’s life here, and how climate change is affecting everything.

Earth is our home, but do we really know about this planet? 

Quite a lot! We know how the Earth came to be the planet we live on, how oxygen made it possible for life to develop, and how the climate is changing in ways that affect everyone and everything. In The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet, the narrator, who just happens to be the Universe, explains where Earth is located in the solar system, how life evolved on Earth, and more. Universe uses a friendly, relatable tone to engage young readers and explain complex science content in ways kids can understand and relate to. And the alien commentators are hilarious for both kids and adults!

Vivid illustrations, text-to-self connections, and a hands-on science activity all provide foundational learning opportunities to explore planet Earth. A poem at the beginning encourages language arts connections. Perfect as a read-aloud or for beginner readers, with a glossary to support language development.

The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet is part of a set of four books in the Picture Book Science series that explore our incredible solar system. Other titles in this series include The Stars: A Gazillion Suns; The Sun: Shining Star of the Solar System; and The Moon: Small-but-Mighty Neighbor.


    • Includes layered text and back matter that encourage more in-depth discovery
    • Promotes a sense of awe and wonder at earth and space sciences
    • Uses humor to engage children’s attention
    • Promotes cross-curriculum learning through poetry
    • Includes a hands-on, science-minded project to help support and reinforce deeper learning
  • Meets Next Generation Science Standards in Earth’s Place in the Universe and Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles for grades K through 3