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Stolen Secrets (Signed Copy)

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When sixteen-year-old Livvy’s mother abruptly moves them across the country to San Francisco, Livvy is surprised to come face to face with the grandmother she thought had died long ago. When she finds journal entries from the Holocaust, she begins to suspect a shocking link between her grandmother and Anne Frank.

After an abrupt move across the country to San Francisco, sixteen-year-old Livvy is shocked to find that her mother has lied to her. Instead of looking for work at a bakery, her mom is taking care of Adelle, Livvy’s grandmother, who Livvy thought was long dead. Suffering from Alzheimer’s, Adelle shouts out startling details, mistakes her own name, and seems to relive moments that may have taken place in a concentration camp. When Livvy and her new friend Franklin D. find journal entries from the Holocaust in Adelle’s home, Livvy begins to suspect that her grandmother may have a shocking link to a notable figure -- Anne Frank.