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Peg Gets Crackin' by Jo Renfro (Preorder: Feb 6, 2023, Signed copy)

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Peg the egg isn't sure about cracking out of her shell into the big, scary world, but maybe being a chicken will actually be pretty great?

Time to get crackin'!

Peg is perfectly content within the safe, contained shell of her egg. While her siblings hatch around her, she imagines all the scary things waiting in the outside world--things that make her happy to stay an egg.

But even Peg must hatch. She grows, and grows, and one day . . . CRACK! Peg takes her first hesitant steps into the big, frightening world and discovers . . . the world isn't so bad after all. In fact, it's actually pretty wonderful!

Bursting with spirit and humor, Peg Gets Crackin' is packed with entertaining illustrations and perfect for read-aloud storytime. Young readers will giggle at Peg's antics and resonate with her journey to conquer her fears. You never know what exciting adventures are waiting just outside of your shell!